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Relief For Pregnancy Lower Back Pain

For any woman who is pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, pregnancy lower back pain is a real concern. This pain can last for weeks or even months at a time if left untreated. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to make the pain more bearable.

pregnancyLower back pain during pregnancy is one of the most common complaints from women who are pregnant. This is because the female body goes through many changes as the baby within, grows and develops.

During pregnancy, the average woman gains at least 35 pounds and almost all of that weight is located in the abdominal region. This naturally causes a change in posture as the body adapts to the new weight and center of gravity. Most people notice that pregnant women have a typical gait and this is due to the change in posture. This is why during pregnancy, lower back pain results.

Another area of the female body that goes through changes during pregnancy is the pelvis. The pelvic girdle is made up of three bones; the ischium, the pubis and the ilium. A baby is too large to fit through the pelvis of the average woman, so during pregnancy the body naturally shifts the bones a little, making the opening large enough to accommodate the baby. These changes happen towards the end of pregnancy and can cause discomfort and pain in the lower back area.

As if these changes to the bones and posture were not enough, hormonal changes can also lead to lower back pain. Ironically, this pain is often the result of hormones that are meant to relax the body. In order to make the necessary changes to the body, the muscles must be relaxed, and relaxed muscles are not as supportive. This lack of support can lead to pain.

So what is a pregnant woman to do? Fortunately, many of these causes are temporary and will dissipate on their own. However, that is of little comfort to a woman who is currently in pain. Because there is a growing baby inside, medication should be the last resort.

For most women, home treatments for lower back pain can help immensely. These include soaking in a warm bath, using a heating pad or getting a massage from a loved one.

If lower back pain is becoming more of an issue, there are a few things that can be tried. There are specialized yoga moves that are meant for pregnant women that many have found to be helpful. In addition, many women find that a visit to a chiropractor is can help. Make sure that any professional, yoga, chiropractor or anything else is familiar with dealing with pregnancy.

For severe pain, it might be a good idea to see a doctor and find out which medications are safe to use during pregnancy.

During pregnancy lower back pain is an unfortunate, yet extremely common complaint. Because of the many changes the body goes through during pregnancy, it is virtually impossible to avoid, however that doesn’t mean that it is not treatable. With the right tools and knowledge, pain can be kept to a minimum.

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